Windmill Straight Coupler ldpe fitting


  • 16mm 
  • 20mm

Material: PP

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Windmill LDPE connector fitting – Straight Coupler

In irrigation system, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) pipe used to deliver water from water sources to sprinkler or dripper. Commonly, people have to use LDPE pipe connector fittings to install the water system.

There are different types of connector fittings to choose depending on the design of watering system. For instance, straight coupler, elbow, tee, end cap and so on are commonly found. In fact, LDPE tubing pipe in market only comes in two sizes, which is 16mm or 20mm. Therefore, please make sure that you choose the correct size of the fitting that fit to your tubing pipe.

Type of connector fittings (16mm or 20mm)

  • Straight coupler
  • End cap
  • Male thread director
  • Reducing coupler
  • Equal tee
  • Thread increasing tee
  • Increasing tee
  • Reducing tee
  • Equal elbow
  • Male thread elbow
  • Reducing elbow
  • Y F/M barbed connector

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