Azud Modular Filter for Agriculture Irrigation Equipment

AZUD Modular Filter 1 1/2”:

  • Size (inch): 1 1/2”
  • Max. Flow (m³/h): 14
  • Working pressure (bar): 8
  • Filtration Surface
    • Disc (cm²): 310
    • Screen (cm²): 270
  • Temperature (°C): 60

AZUD Modular Filter 2”:

  • Size (inch): 2”
  • Max. Flow (m³/h): 25
  • Working pressure (bar): 8
  • Filtration Surface
    • Disc (cm²): 535
    • Screen (cm²): 490
  • Temperature (°C): 60

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Irrigation Water Filter

In irrigation system, water filtration plays an important role. It can help to maintain or even improve the irrigation system. No matter what types of irrigation system you are using, drip or sprinkler, it requires a water filter to be installed in the system. This is because there are small particles in the input water which will cause the irrigation system blocked or clogged.

Most of the water sources come from river, canals and bore wells. It will contain particles like sand, dirt, biological impurities such as algae /slimy things etc. All of these will reduce the quality of the input water and therefore water filter is highly recommended to farmers.

There are two types of filter, disc filter and screen filter. Disc filter is more to deep filtration, for removing organic matter like algae. Screen filter is surface filtration, for removing physical, inorganic material such as sand and other fine particles.

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