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Story began in 1996 by KMB Resources Sdn Bhd. Since the beginning, KMB initially engaged in thermoplastic pipe fittings and plumbing materials. This day, KMB extends its broader range of products and strive to provide everything in irrigation and water distribution system.

Owner of brand KMB, Windmill, ione and Vinco. Wholesaler distributor of Penguin, Polyfuse, Azud, Golden Tree and Rain Bird. Company’s product line includes tubing pipe, irrigation fittings, sprinkler, drip, valve series, greenhouse accessories, construction materials, tools and machine.

For bonus point, our company had set up a greenhouse, even though it is just a small scale greenhouse, but we welcome customers to visit our greenhouse and learn more about our business and products.

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Water Connection

A distribution system that deliver water from the water sources to the communities. Water connection system can be expensive which is cost of pumping, labor, preventive maintenance and others.

Water connection system has a construction requirements that must be met in order to maintain water quality. Therefore, proper and safe water connection system is important to reduce risks that may occur.


An application of water to crop. There are quite a few forms of irrigation. The simplest is handwatering, followed by sprinkler, drip, hydroponic and aquaponic.

Drip irrigation system is a precise application of water, which relies on dripper or drip tape with tiny holes designed to drop water directly to the root zone.

Hydroponic, method of growing plants with nutrient solution instead of soil. It allows the nutrient uptake process more efficient that using the soil. On the contrary, aquaponic, an integrated system with combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. In simple terms, the fish waste provides an organic sources of nutrient for the plants and the plants naturally will purify the water to the fish.

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