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  Why Join Us?
We encourage continued learning
  • Encourage continued learning to develop the potential of each employee further
We encourage team progression
  • Increase team-building efforts to grow productivity, develop skills and boost retention rates
We encourage diversity
  • Give employees ample opportunities to take risks and pitch new ideas
We encourage growth
  • Continuously improve skills and help company handle change more effectively

Employee of the month

Reward the employees that shows great achievement

Product Knowledge Training

Improve customer satisfaction

Aquaponic Workshop

Learn how to run an aquaponic system with an introduction to the science behind what makes it work

Business Academy

To enhance communication within your company and increase the level of cohesion

Chinese New Year Celebration

Improve morals and engagement

Hari Raya Celebration

Strengthen relationship between staff

Let’s Go Green

Increase the knowledge of the irrigation and the concept of conserve water among students

World Clean Up Day

Building bridges between disparate communities and combating waste problem

Positive Silver Age Association

To propagate the social support to elderly and foster a harmonious relationship between the younger generation and elderly

Annual Agriculture Exhibition

To explore opportunities and gain information