16mm Green Drip Tape 8mil Golden Tree

  • Wall thickness (mm): 0.20│8 mil
  • Inside diameter (mm): 16
  • Emitter spacing (cm): 20
  • Working pressure (bar): 0.8
  • Emitter flow rate (L/H): 2
  • Length/roll (m): 1000
  • High clogging resistance
  • Excellent CV & EU
  • * CIT Test (EU: 92-94%, CU: 95-96%)

    * CV: Coefficient of manufacturing(Fixed characteristics of emitter)│EU: Emission Uniformity (Uniformity of flow rates from emitter)

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Golden Tree Green Drip Tape

What is drip tape? Are they the same as tubing pipe?

Drip tape is a thin-walled tube that has emitter holes built inside. Unlike polypipe or tubing pipe, drip tape is lying flat when there is no water passing through the tape (under not irrigating condition). When water enters (irrigating) , it becomes pressurized and swells up.

Besides, common drip tape wall thickness is around 0.15mm or 0.2mm (8Mils), thus it only operate well under low pressure. If too high pressure applied, it cannot withstand and will probably burst.

Due to the pre-set drip holes on the tube, farmers do not need to purchase any drippers or emmitters for watering plants. Please note that no holes can be punched on it and insert drippers like what you do for tubing pipe. Those spacing of built-in emitters are equal, for example, in 20cm or 10cm distance, for the entire roll of drip tape. This can ensure irrigating the plants with small and consistent flow rate. Below are the fittings usually use when installing drip tape.

Type of drip tape fittings (16mm)

  • Male thread coupling
  • Barbed coupling
  • Layflat tube connector
  • Off tape – wing
  • Lock joiner
  • Plug
  • Male lock elbow
  • Lock elbow
  • Lock Tee
  • Tee with two barb
  • Male tee
  • Off tape tee
  • Layflat tube tee connector
  • Y F/M tape
  • Male valve
  • Lock valve
  • Barb lock valve
  • Layflat hose valve

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Seowon Golden Tree

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