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Price of an irrigation system varies depending on many factors, including property size, your preferences, budget and others.

Yes. To prevent foreign particles- dirt, algae, mineral sediments that can block irrigation system.

Prevent irrigation system from becoming plugged, extend time span of irrigation system & lower maintenance.

Yes, can replaced and we do selling.

Windmill Disc Filter 1’’
Disc Filter Modular 1 ½’’ & 2’’
Screen Filter Modular 1 ½’’ & 2’’
Helix Disc Filter 120 mesh 2’’, 3’’
Helix Disc Filter 150 mesh 2’’, 3’’ & 4’’

Typically installed upstream (above) of the irrigation system.

Disc and screen filter. Disc filter is full of round-stacked discs that allowed water to pass through but are excellent at catching organic material and sand. On the other hand, screen filter is common and inexpensive. It excellent in remove hard particles, but not so great at removing organic material.

It depends on how clean you water is. If have dirty water, clean the filter more often.

Sprinkler that spray water into the air and it breaks up into small water drop which fall to the ground which is similar to natural rainfall.

Water drip slowly from piping to the roots of plant or soil surface. It minimizes evaporation.

Valves are like gates that can be opened or closed to allow or prevent water to flow.

Butterfly valve, double flange swing check valve,  double union ball valve, compact and threaded ball valve, spring foot valve, swing foot valve, ball foot valve,  swing check valve, ball check valve, union , compression coupling

Union ball valve can be removed from the system and can be either repaired or replaced.

Foot valve normally installed with the pump or end of the pipeline. Foot valves act like check valve, which is prevent the reverse flow of water when the water pump or valve turned off. However, foot valve able to filter particles through its screen or shields.

An electro-mechanical valve that used to replace manual valve and commonly employed with timer or remote.

Reduce maintenance and conceal underground components that comprise an irrigation system.

A fertilizer injector inserts nutrient solutions directly into irrigation water which is then fed directly to the plants.

Fertilizers should be completely dissolved in a solution (usually water) prior to injection.

Normally fittings can be reused. Compression fittings can be removed from tubing with some difficulty, and some damage to the compression ring may result.

Improper installation or pressure not aligned with product specifications.

Windmill Irrigation Fittings

DIFFERENCE Penguin Compression Fittings

Available in 16mm & 20mm


Available from 20mm-110mm






Clinching Ring, Rubber O’ Ring and Ring Cap



PVC Butterfly Valve, PVC Ball Check Valve, PVC Ball Foot Valve, PVC Union Ball Valve, PVC Swing Foot Valve Flanged End, Air Release Valve, Pressure Regulator Valve, PVC Coupling

Lever and gear type butterfly valve

Air release valve is designed to release small amounts of air from a pressurized line. It should be installed at high points of system where air tends to collect.

A valve that reduces the water pressures to a certain level, used when the incoming pressure is too high for emitters or fittings.

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