UPVC Rectangular End Cap with 25mm Outlet

  • Size: 4”x 2″ x 25mm Outlet

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Hydroponics is the method of growing crops in a nutrient-rich water-based environment, without using soil.

One of the most important components in hydroponics is the growing media. Growing media such as rockwool, lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA), cocopeat and so on are considered as the substitute for soil. They used to support the plants’ weight and root structure. However, those growing medium do not provide any nutrients to plants. Farmers need to add nutrients solution into the water to ensure healthy plant growth.

Compared to traditional farming, hydroponics brings a lot of benefits. For example, there is low water consumption in hydroponic system. Hydroponics systems recirculate water, and allowing plants to absorb what they need, then return the rest to the system. Moreover, less labour is hired to manage the system. This is because hydroponics offers a lighter load for labour and can easily be managed. Next, it improves growth and yield. Plants in hydroponics system are usually growing faster. Due to the controlled factors and increased oxygen level in the water solution, it stimulates root growth and enhances nutrient absorption.

Hydroponics pipe, fittings and accessories

  • Rectangular pipe 4inch x 2inch
  • End cap
  • End cap with hole
  • Rectangular socket/joiner
  • Upvc elbow 90degree
  • Rectangular elbow 90degree
  • Garden net pot 47mm
  • Square hygrow pot
  • Upvc round pipe
  • Leca ball
  • AB fertilizer

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