PVC Off Tape – Wing Drip tape fitting

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Drip Tape Green Lock Nut Fitting – PVC Off Tape Wing

Drip tape is a thin-walled tube that has emitter holes built inside. Unlike polypipe or tubing pipe, drip tape is lying flat when there is no water passing through the tape (under not irrigating condition). When water enters (irrigating), it becomes pressurized and swells up.

Drip tape fittings are available for farmers to use for connecting one drip tape with another, drip tape to lay flat hose, drip tape to polypipe and etc. There are two series of fittings such as green lock nut fittings and white nut pull fittings. Both are made from high quality material and easy-use.

Type of drip tape fittings (16mm)

  • Male thread coupling
  • Barbed coupling
  • Layflat tube connector
  • Off tape – wing
  • Lock joiner
  • Plug
  • Male lock elbow
  • Lock elbow
  • Lock Tee
  • Tee with two barb
  • Male tee
  • Off tape tee
  • Layflat tube tee connector
  • Y F/M tape
  • Male valve
  • Lock valve
  • Barb lock valve
  • Layflat hose valve

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