Windmill Spray Jet 360°

  • Useful irrigation of orchards, nurseries, greenhouses
  • Suitable for irrigation of plants having widespread root zone
  • Easy to install by just punch a hole on tubing pipe
  • Available in 180° and 360° diameter for individual plants or closely spaced plantings
  • Efficient and reliable method to apply water
  • Low flow rate with fine fan spray, preventing run-off in heavy soil
  • Random color
  • Throw Diameter (m): Approx. 2.0-2.5
  • Available spray patterns: 180 degree or 360 degree
  • Working pressure (bar): Approx. 1-2
  • Liter/Hour: Approx. 60-70 

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Irrigation Sprinkler System

An irrigation sprinkler is a water emitting device used to watering plant crops, landscapes, garden, lawns or other areas. Similarly, they are spraying water like the rainfalls. In residential, agriculture or industrial sector, we can always find sprinkler system. Water flows through the irrigation system such as the pipeline, enter the sprinkler nozzle, and then split into tiny water droplets onto the ground, distributing waters to the entire ground areas.

Sprinklers can be categorized into few types which is low volume, medium volume or high volume sprinkler. In particular, each sprinkler has its own operating pressure, flow rate and spraying distance. In fact, high volume sprinkler such as rain guns will normally require higher pressure and able to spray further.

Next, there are some low pressure types of sprinkler called micro sprinklers or spray jet. Why consider using micro sprinkler? This is because the crops need larger volume of water than drip emitter can provide. Moreover, the normal sprinkler is too large and incompatible with the irrigation areas. Therefore, micro sprinklers are more suitable in this case.

In addition, micro mist sprinkler are designed for fine water spraying. It releases small amount of water droplets. Indeed, farmers use the mist sprinkler in greenhouse or for propagating seedlings.

Advantages of Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Reduce labor cost
  • High efficiency and uniform distribution of water
  • Suitable for all types of field condition (except heavy clay soil)
  • Easy to set up
  • Increase yield

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