5.5 Drip Pen for 6/4mm Micro Tube

  • Size: 6/4mm
  • Working pressure (bar): 1
  • Length (mm): 140

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Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation is low pressure, low volume watering system that deliver water to plants, using drip tape, drip emitter, drip pen and etc. This system maintains moisture at the plants’ root areas, but not soaked, and at the same time reduces water usage. Moreover, many users like farmer, homeowners, contractors and developers always use drip irrigation for landscape and gardening.

In drip irrigation system, drip emitters, which are small plastics devices commonly used because they able to deliver slow and stable supply of water, deeply into the roots and keeping the surface dry. In fact, farmers can directly install the drip emitter on tubing pipe, or extend it to the plants with micro tubing and support it with stake.

Just similar to sprinkler, drip emitters have their own operating pressure and flow rate. Most importantly, flow will vary with pressure, while some emitters are pressure compensating. Pressure compensating dripper is refer to emitter which maintains the same output (flow rate) even the water inlet pressure is different.

In short, a small tips for home gardeners or farmers. If you choose to use drip irrigation, try to get a water filter. This can prevent the drippers to get clogged easily.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation

  • Highly uniform water distribution
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Maintain moisture at root zone
  • Minimize fertilizer and nutrient lost
  • Lessen soil erosion
  • Great water saving

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