Hydroponic Pipe Fittings System

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We had provide complete hydroponic pipe fittings for hydroponic system such as

  1. 2″x4″ Hydroponic NFT Pipe 1meter,1.5meter,2meter,6meter
  2. Close end cap
  3. 25mm” UPVC Elbow
  4. UPVC Rectangular Bend
  5. UPVC Socket
  6. UPVC End Cap with 25mm outlet
  7. Hydroponic Square pot

With our quality product, we had supply these pipe and fittings for many project especially in Cameron Highlands farm.

Come and get info of this hydroponic fittings at KMB 0r if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us : 012-538 9239

Shopee : Windmill Irrigation

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